The Chameleon gang



Mike is the founder of Chameleon Theatre. He loves performing for children of all ages. Many would argue he's actually a child who's been cruelly trapped in an adult body.


Marian, our coordinator.

Marian is the motor under the hood of Chameleon. If you have ever called us then you've probably been seduced by her old-fashioned charm. Truly the heart and soul of our company. 



Pete puts the fun in "funny", the hi in "hilarious" and the "oh" in OMG. Script writer, actor, singer and gag-aholic, Pete will have you and your students in stitches before you can say, "¿Cuándo empieza?"


Dan listening to the rugby ball

Dan Onslow came to Chameleon from London in 2015. Since then he has been delighting audiences from Murcia to the Basque Country. Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you, few can match his wit and spontaneity on stage. 



"Xime" as we like to call her came to Chameleon in 2018. Raised in Miami by Argentinian parents, she speaks both English and Spanish with a fluency that da una envidia impresionante. Her humor and bubbling energy are contagious. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing her in action yet, run, don't walk to her next show. And you won't believe it but she's actually a practicing recreational therapist too. How cool is that?


Tom in front of a castle

Tom is a consumate polyglot. He was born to a French father and British mother and has spent over 15 years living in Spain. In addition he speaks Italian and a decent amount of Japanese, having lived in Japan for two years. He is in charge of our French activities and now has gotten specialized training in mindfulness. If you want mindfulness seminars in basically any language you can think of, Tom is your man.