Escape room in english. En inglés.

English Jamboree

A whole day of English activities with Chameleon Theatre professionals. Our native performers set up different workshops ranging from theatre to magic, music to cooperation games. Then groups of your students rotate through the different stations hearing different accents and enjoying and participating in a variety of dynamic fun activities. Adaptable to all ages. 

Mike offers offers talks on five different topics:

Life is Passion: Finding your passion is the key to unlocking a level of motivation you thought never possible. 

USA, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Mike reflects on the good things America has to offer the world and what things should be avoided at all costs. 

Game Ever: What are the dangers of living in a society over saturated with technology?

Don't be Fooled: How do marketers manipulate, convince and trick us? How to be an intelligent consumer. 

Learning to Fly: What's the best way to prepare for the real world? Get out of your comfort zone! We are too conditioned to always seek the easiest, most comfortable route. Which doesn't benefit us at all.